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The “Integration through Training” funding programme (IQ) helps achieve better labour market integration for people from a migrant background. One of the main focuses of the programme is to ensure the provision of information and advice on the Recognition Act. It is financed by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the Federal Employment Agency.

Structure and tasks of the IQ funding program

The IQ funding programe operates at both the federal and the state level. Since labour market integration occurs at the local level, 16 regional networks cooperate closely with institutions such as employment agencies, chambers of commerce, counseling centres and many more. They implement instruments, recommendations and concepts in practice and engage in networking with relevant stakeholders at the state or local level. 

Five competence centres act as expert bodies in the following five main fields of action within the IQ funding program:

  • Recognition of foreign professional qualifications
  • Occupational German
  • Diversity management
  • Business start-ups
  • Immigration

The competence centres provide professional guidance and support on behalf of the regional networks. This may involve work in areas such as the development of quality standards, the design of training materials or the dissemination of academic research findings.

These IQ structures are managed by the IQ Coordinating Agency (KP IQ), which secures exchange between the regional networks and the transfer of good practice. It also ensures that the results of the IQ funding programme are publicised at Federal Government level, in the ministries, to the Federal Employment Agency and to the relevant specialist public.


The regional IQ network in Lower Saxony

The main tasks of the regional network in Lower Saxany are as follows: dovetailing all relevant regional services into a seamless integration path, identifying and closing gaps and loopholes, and making this path more easily accessible for migrants. We support the implementation of the Federal Act concerning the Assessment of Equivalence of Professional Qualifications by ensuring the nationwide provision of initial information to advice seekers as well as by coaching and bringing together all institutions active in this field. Moreover, we act as service providers for the official labour market institutions by offering them training courses and advice on how to cater to the specific concerns of migrants. 

The regional IQ network in Lower Saxony...

...is coordinated trough RKW Nord GmbH
...has 43 partner projects in 16 different locations around the state.  
...works within 5 main fields of action in the context of labour market integration. 
...ensures the quality of its work through its own knowledge management team.
...has its own diversity management trainer team.
...offers trainings for relevant stakeholders in the field of labour market integration.
...is supported and legitimized by an advisory council.​


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